Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Off for the Summer!

Well, I was already off, have been for quite a while. One thing is certain, Schools out for the Summer! It has been an enjoyable class. Thanks to all who particapated! Have a great Summer, Linda

Where oh where is my last post?

This new e-mail transition is lousy and looses my most recent e-mails and posts unless Woud someone out there in google land pease let me know what's up?

Why has my web page changed?

I've tried to catch up my posts this evenign and even pulled a one nighter just to get caught up on my posts for Anthro class, but to no avail. Apparentyly, I am locked out of my web page while Pitzer is in some type of e-mail transition. Lets see how this works?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grandchildren are Gods compensation for growing older

When one views the first star of the evening through the eyes of a grandchild, nothing can be more joyous. Sunday evening I had the rare opportunity of playing grandma lifeguard, while my grandchildren enjoyed a sunset swim. My youngest granddaughter had become somewhat waterlogged from an afternoon of swimming and wanted out of the pool. She immediately hoped into my lap, as I swaddled her in a warm, over sized beach towel. She snuggled into my lap and I wrapped my arms gently around her shivering frame. Suddenly, her curious little head looked heavenward and she gleefully shouted to her siblings, still swimming in the pool, that she had just seen the first star of the evening and had "dibs" on making the first wish. With a twinkle in my eye, I asked her what she would wish for. Without hesitation she reminded me that if she told her wish, it would not come true. I smiled and told her to make a silent wish. She closed her eyes tightly and wished something very profound, I am sure. Suddenly, the other grandchildren left the pool and sat next to us, wrapped in their towels, seated on cement still warm from the day's sun. For an unmeasurable time, we all sat with our heads heavenward and gazed at the unfolding array of stars appearing in the night sky. We found Saturn, Orion's belt, the big dipper, Betelgeuse and pulsars... and shared an unforgettable moment in time.

Education is power

I find it incredulous that many un-tenured teachers in Los Angeles inner-city schools are in danger of termination, due to budget constraints. The hope for the future of Los Angeles, as well as the whole of America is a well educated youth who are taught skills and knowledge that will prepare them to fill jobs of the future. In order for this to occur, the classroom size must be kept small, and the teachers in blighted or economically disadvantaged areas should receive pay incentives rather than pay cuts. This would insure teachers remain where they are sorely needed. To cut teaching funds, reduce salaries, and increase classroom size would be a travesty; not only to the dedicated teachers, but most especially tragic to our youth.

Cyber interaction offers wonderful socialization for homebound

It has come to my attention, after reading several commentaries on the wonders of the Internet, that one of the greatest advantages and opportunities the Internet offers is socialization and cohesive social networks to the mobility challenged and home bound. It appears that there are endless opportunities for such individuals to have meaningful social lives and freely interact with cyber friends around the globe, as well as those in their national, state and local communities. Indeed, the Internet is the great equalizer. May it ever be so.